Name Dan Marchant

Team Role

Society Founder / Events Coordinator / Team Leader

Favourite Equipment / Investigation Technique

Trigger Object Ball & KII
To see the KII respond to questions is amazing. For me it is the modern day Ouija Board.

Favourite Venue

The Ancient Ram Inn

Best Experience

We set up a seance at one of our private locations where we quickly came I to contact with a male who have load of information about his life and time at the building.

After sometime we asked was he willing to interact via another method. We had the trigger object set up at the entrance and asked for him to set it off after 3. Now the ball had sat quiet on all of the previous investigations but as soon as I got to 3 it flashed. The great thing about this experience is that we not only had interaction on request, we caught it on camera. Watch our videos and see what you thinkĀ