Name Mary Thomas

Team Role

Team Leader

Favourite Equipment / Investigation Technique

I have a couple I enjoy using, Mel meter being one. This measures EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) and it is said that sprits can effect this field. It is exciting when we get a spike or increase in EMF when we have an experience. I have also used this as a communication tool. I also enjoy using the dowsing rods, I have seen some good results using these. I enjoy seeing someone use these for the first time and seeing their reactions when they move on their own.

Favourite Venue

Wymering Manor/Preston Manor 

Best Experience

There was a small group calling out and we had set the room up so that we could start to communicate. We had a communication board on a table and the glass was on the table upside down. On top of the glass was a cat ball, the bottom of the glass had a divot to it so it was balanced securely in the glass. In each of the corners of the board was a KII Meter. We had picked up on some children spirits who enjoyed seeing different colours when I used a torch that had blue, green and red lights. Both the cat balls and KII Meters have coloured lights on them. We encouraged them to run around the group. At this stage the KII meters started to react and would light up in a sweeping motion from each KII Meter. This kept going for some good few minutes and then at the end of this build up the ball on top of the glass jumped out of the glass and rolled off the board. The experience I liked about this was the KII meters, they should not react in this way, it would be very difficult to get them to react in this way and to date I have not experienced them working in this manner since. It was unexplained for me.