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typewriter Southernghost Society has been arranging Ghost Hunts since 2010 and has built a reputation of running very professional and successful ghost hunt events throughout, the UK.

On this page we would like to share some of the views, opinions and feedback from our customers. We always welcome feedback on our events whether; it’s good or not so good. We are always striving to continually improve the way our events are run and managed so feedback helps us achieve our goals.

On this page we have included some of the feedback / testimonials we have received. If you have attended one of our event and wish to leave us feedback, please click here.

Bursledon Brickworks 27 June 2015 

My first time ghost hunting and i must say I have never belived till now I did the spirit board and felt the cold air on my hands. I felt someone pushing my hand on the glass what felt like a struggle between spirits . I heard my name on the spirit box. I felt someone grab me from behind on my neck I felt a cold and horrible feeling in one of the rooms . I saw so much happen to people . this has not put me of I will be back ! X

Kirsty Pattinson
Bursledon Brickworks 27 June 2015 

It was my first ever ghost hunt and it will not be my last. I walked in a non believer but after the events with our team leader Mark I can safely say I walked out a believer. Now I can't wait for my next one. Bring it on.

Jamie Martin
Fort Widley Ghost Hunt 18 July 2014 

My first time ghost hunting and now I'm hooked. The team were professional and welcoming. I will definitely be returning for future events and would recommend the southern ghost society to family, friends and anyone else who cared to listen.

Tracy Roche
Old Beneficial School 02 May 2014 

Such a good night. Some weird noises and strange things happening through out the night. Can't wait till the next one.

Luke Stevens
Bursledon Brickworks 01 February 2014 

The whole team were fantastic and really ensured we got involved. We had a few great moments and it was worth the freezing cold. Everyone was friendly and I'll absolutely go again.

Vicky Redman
The Kings Theatre 04 October 2013 

Top marks brilliant night teams leaders were brilliant was nice to meet new people thanks guys. :)

Victoria Davis
The Kings Theatre 04 October 2013 

What a great night the best great team and leaders thanks for a great night

Amanda Bateman
General Testimonial 

Southern ghost society are a fantastic group, everyone is friendly and very welcoming, I have been on some amazing ghost hunts with the group and every time has been very enjoyable. The team are very professional and allow you to get involved as much as you wish. There is never any pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with. The team own a great selection of investigation equipment. Can't wait for my next ghost hunt with the team

Michelle Noakes
General Testimonial 

I have been on several ghost hunts with Southern Ghost Society. I had an interest in doing something like this so I went along to my first event with SGS at Fort Widley in Portsmouth with my friend. I had no preconceived ideas what to expect. I was a little apprehensive about going. I found it fascinating and really eye opening. The SGS team went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and involved. It was such a friendly welcome and was immediately at ease. Everyone in the team went out of the way to make sure everyone was comfortable. All of the team were very knowledgeable and lead a fantastic investigation. We were all able to use an array of equipment and get as involved in the investigation as we wanted. The location itself is one of my favourites but the thing that drew me to come again and again was the SGS team. I have been on many investigations since then to some fabulous locations. From The Red Lion in Southampton to Bodmin Gaol and the Skirrid Inn. It’s safe to say I have the bug now. All of the investigations I have been on have been great and given some astonishing evidence and surprising results. On a personal note, each time I go Ghost Hunting I always have a fabulous time. It is so nice to go to brilliant locations, with a friendly knowledgeable team of investigators. SGS never take so many people for any venue so everyone can get involved. They have made it so much fun to do serious investigating. I want to thank Dan and Lee especially for all their hard work in setting up such great events. I won’t go Ghost Hunting with anyone else, and that’s all down to the team. Massive thanks to you all! I cannot wait til the next one

Dennis Gurney
General Testimonial 

Hiya all, I have just been on my 4th ghost hunt with sgs and I'm looking forward to my others this year x these guys are the nicest people ever, they explain everything in detail and make you feel safe, my mum also goes with me and she loves it too x I think you all are doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work lads xx

Nikki Fletcher

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