Ghost Hunt Video Gallery

A selection of videos that we and our members have recorded on our ghost hunting events. The video's on this page does not prove or disprove the existence of ghosts or paranormal activity but contains video's of our experiences during our ghost hunts.

REM pod at Northwood House
Northwood House
On table in Library.REM pod triggered after Investigator B comments that activity is likely to decrease.

Loud Bang Recorded
Loud metallic bang Heard whilst outside tank room.All other investigators were in the break room by this point

Door Opening at Preston Manor
Preston Manor Investigation
Door to corridor.Door opens on own, heard audio of door handle being moved before door opens.Video shows no-one was in corridor outside door. Door was closed again and didn't open again in 30 minutes.

Voice at Private Location
Ghost Hunt
By stove. Investigator A hears a "Yeah" to right side. Audio was not heard outside the room. It was not picked up on wrist recorders in room but was picked up on dynamic microphones, indicating an EMF origin.

Loud Bang at Drakelow Tunnel
Drakelow Tunnel
Recoreded at Drakelow Tunnels. raw footage of a loud unexplained bang in the room we were in. at the same time there is a streak of light seen shooting through the room. Please be advised this video contains strong language.

Light Anomaly
Drakelow Tunnel
This is unedited footage from Drakelow Tunnels, Kiddeminster. About 35 seconds in to this clip a light anomaly appears from nowhere and travels across the room towards the camera. It appears to stop for a second and then change direction.

Craig Y Nos, TB Hospital REMPOD
Craig Y Nos
Footage from our Investigation at Craig Y Nos Castle where we were investigating the TB Theatre. We decide to use the REM POD and we think we encounter a small child.

Watch what reaction we get!

Craig Y Nos Theatre REMPOD
Craig Y Nos
Footage from our Investigation at Craig Y Nos Castle where we were investigating the fabulous theatre. The famous owner of the house Adelina Patti's was an opera star and so we decided to play her song.

Watch what reaction we get!

Triger Object Interaction
The Ancient Ram
Footage from our investigation at the Ancient Ram Inn. It is unedited and contains strong language. There was only 2 of us present in the room attic when we had this strange interaction. I cannot explain it.

A floating Object
The Block Gost Hunt
This video was taken at The Block in Burton on Trent during our investigation. You will see an object float across the floor and disappear through the wall

Northwood House
Northwood House University Documentry
Southern Ghost Society goes to Northwood House on the Isle of Wight for a night of investigation and mystery.

Noises in the servants quarters
Preston Manor
A noise sounding like a descending tone was heard, followed by a sound like one of the chairs was nudged on the stone floor. Ten seconds later, another chair nudge sound was heard.

Footsteps, Motion Detector and REM Pod
Footsteps in corridor behind the room, followed by Motion detector and REM pod

I038S03 Grid Cam HDCam Andy DA
Footsteps heard after investigator stops moving. The louder steps are the investigator who asks "Are you walking towards me?". There are people in the rooms behind the investigator, however the footsteps came from in front

SGS Ouija Board and Trigger Object Experiment
Secret Location
Video taken at our private location. This was our last session and the team had made contact with a spirit using a Ouija Board.

To gain some other evidence we decided to see if the spirit could interact with any other pieces of our equipment

Have a watch

Blackfriars Priory - Cloister
Footstep and EVP
Ignoring the seagulls and me turning on my camera, I think I can hear anoter group right at the end. There is definately something after the loud Leather sole on stone sound. This was recorded whilst I was on one side fo the Cloister with another investigator the other side. I was sitting.

Blackfriars Priory
Blackfriars Priory - Footstep on Gravel
Gravel footstep was heard in raised area through the arches of this area. When a photo was attempted, camera went blurry then switched off. Moved to arches and called if anyone was there, visual confirmation that no-one walking on gravel

Blackfriars Priory
Unexplained Mist/Light
This was captured within the North Range of Blackfriars Priory. This same shadow was witness by two other investigators at the beginning of teh evening

Ball thrown at The Acient Ram Inn
The Acient Ram Inn
On our investigation with Southern Ghost Society two of us were up in the attic, a few members were on the floor below seated in another room.
We decided to throw a ball which ended up rolling down the stairs. A few seconds later the ball gets thrown back into the attic. Although other members were below us everyone was seated and any movement from them to collect the ball and throw it would have been heard and seen by members of SGS

Equipment Spikes & Communication
The Galleries of Justice
One of the sessions at the Southern Ghost Society investigation of The Galleries of Justice on 16/11/2013

Childs Voice at Preston Manor
Preston Manor
I joined Southern Ghost Society on an investigation to Preston Manor in Brighton. We were in the ground floor rooms moving the chairs to begin a vigil. One of our team members mentioned how the uneven floor was making the chairs wobble when a child's voice can be heard saying "Wibble Wobbles". No children were on this investigation!!

EVP & Light at Dudley Castle
Dudley Castle
Strange EVP caught in the undercroft of the castle, and also an unexplainable light anomaly captured - no flash was used so not a possible reflection.

From the various locations in the castle, the was the only area where anything was picked up on the recordings and the photos. I wish i had of investigated a little more outside as some of the others said they could hear footsteps as if someone was walking on a wooden floor!?

These footsteps are caught on other recordings, so perhaps some definite residual activity.

If you can imagine that in the undercroft it is pitch black when the lights are turned off and you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. The light anomaly is very intriguing especially as its only on that 1 photo, as with the EVP.

EMF Communication
The Hanbury Arms
After a very active first paranormal investigation at the pub, i returned to even more activity in the cellar. Incredible real time communication through the EMF meters, and if you are in any doubt if spirits can communicate to us... then watch this video!

EVP at The Skirrid Inn
The Skirrid Inn
Incredible Class A EVP evidence caught, as well as capturing an actual spirit voice heard real time - very rare.
The Skirrid Inn always lives up to its reputation, and it was amazing catching such intelligent and weird EVP's and evidence especially in bedroom 2 and the bar area.

*Please be advised that the EVP of the voice and laughing caught in bedroom 2 towards the end of the video, is quite disturbing*

2nd Version of Growl at Woodchester Mansions
Woodchester Mansions
The most active place during the investigation at woodchester mansion was in the cellar. Lots of incredible class A EVP's were captured! Also a loud growl that happened real time that you will not believe!

Orb at The Acient Ram Inn
The Acient Ram Inn
During our 50mins in the Bishop's room of the ancient ram inn, this was the only strange light anomaly captured on film. Having eliminated the possibility of being an insect or dust, what else could it be?

EVP at The Skirrid Inn
The Skirrid Inn
Very strange and bizarre EVP's captured, but also one of the most intelligent i have ever caught linked with another EVP from a separate investigation! Also probably the most weirdest ever of EVP's from bedroom 2 - also caught on my video camera audio.

Another active and validating paranormal investigation at the skirrid inn

Voice at The Ram
The Ancient Ram Inn
During our investigation at The Ancient Ram Inn, incredible class A evidence caught on video camera and voice recorder. A woman's voice caught on 2 occasions, in the Bishops room and the Witches room - when there were no women or females present. Also downstairs and EVP of someone saying my name!

Equioment Spikes & Mist
Private Ghost Walk - Victoria Country Park
Southern Ghost Society Ghost Hunt Investigation Royal Victoria Country Park. Captured a moving mist, followed by a KII spiking and a picked up using the Franks Box.
this version shows more of the mists

Orbs at The Red Lion Public House
The Red Lion
Taken on our The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt, we captured orbs / moving lights trying to move a ball. Is this some form of paranormal activity?.
The Red Lion is one of Southampton's most haunted pubs

Growl at Hell-Fire Caves
The Hell-Fire Caves
This video was taken on Southern Ghost Societies visit to The Hell-Fire Caves, West Wycombe. A group decided to head to the inner temple to set up a seance. As the glass moved around and spelt out various different messages, one member felt a strange sensation. Upon telling the group, the conversation was brought to a stop with a noise................

Woodchester Mansion Scream
Woodchester Mansions
During a Seance in the Cellar of Woodchester we were calling out and using our boards and suddenly we heard a noise that seemed to shake the building.

This noise was captured on all groups voice recorders and videos. All teams searched the building and could not see where it came from

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