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About Southern Ghost Society

The three founding members of the Southern Ghost Society; Gary, Dan and Lee Marchant have been interested in the paranormal for more than 10 years and have attended many events arranged by commercial ghost hunting companies.

Our passion for the paranormal spread to a number of our friends and in 2010 we decided to form our own ghost society to investigate some of the UK's most haunted locations. All the team members of Southern Ghost Society are, first and foremost, paranormal enthusiasts. Because we are not commercially driven, our members benefit from a much more personal ghost hunting experience at our events.

Since our formation we have been overwhelmed with the interest shown and our society has grown in size and strength, enabling us to investigate some of the UK's most haunted and exciting venues. In 2014 and 2015 our investigations have taken us even further afield into Europe.

Dan ghost hunting with a KII

Our Mission is to bring you, our members and their guests, the best possible paranormal experience, in a relaxed and friendly manner. Also, should you wish to do so, we can give you the opportunity to conduct your own independent investigations, under our supervision. Our flexibility means that we can encourage members to shape their own participation and thus get the most out of our events.

One of our ghost hunting objectives is to capture paranormal evidence on cameras, night vision camcorders, and sound recording tools. Post event we review the results of our findings and have uncovered many unexplained occurrences and of course found possible explanations for others.

Ghost Hunting Nights

Your ghost hunting night is chosen following extensive research into the history and paranormal provenance of the location being investigated. Understandably, most locations charge us for using their facilities. These costs are then shared by our members and guests attending the event, enabling us to offer competitive rates for our ghost hunt investigations. We like to keep the attendance numbers in line with the size of the location being investigated.

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lee with a k2 meter on a ghost hunt

Our ghost hunting events start with an introduction to the location and an introduction to the team leaders, including a briefing on how the night will be facilitated. Your safety is paramount so we conduct a tour of the areas available for investigation and the do's and don'ts as determined by the locations host.

Once you are placed in small groups, we will provide you with a brief explanation of the equipment we have available and its correct usage. You will then be led by your experienced team leader to you first investigation area and you Ghost Hunt will commence.

At the end of the evening we run a de-brief session, to which everyone is invited, to give feedback on the evening and, of course, your accounts of your paranormal experiences from the event.

gary with a k2 on a ghost hunt

Come And Join us

If you would like to be part of our Ghost Hunting Society, then please complete or simple registration form.

So why not join the Southern Ghost Society, for a fantastic night of paranormal investigation of haunted castles, prisons, castles, forts, museums and other haunted gatherings in some of the UK's most haunted locations.

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