Southern Ghost Society Membership

The Southern Ghost Society is a non profit making paranormal / ghost hunting organisation and it's principle objective is to bring people together who share an interest in the paranormal, who are interested in Ghost Hunting and in addition to the ghost hunting side build a community of friends and associates under the Southern Ghost Society organisation.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to bring members and their guests, the best possible paranormal experience, in a relaxed and friendly manner. Also, should you wish to do so, we can give you the opportunity to conduct your own independent investigations, under our supervision. Our flexibility means that we can encourage members to shape their own participation and thus get the most out of our events.

We encourage people to sign up and join our society. membership is free. The benefits of registering with the Southern Ghost Society are as follows.

Registered members are given priority when booking our events Society members are informed immediately when new events are booked Members have access to our website. (new interactive services are planned for the future) Meet new people who are interested in Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

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Whilst membership to the Southern Ghost Society is free, most event vendors make a charge to investigate their premises and this cost is spread amongst the number of members and guests attending the event.

Every event that Southern Ghost Society is covered under our third party public liability insurance and of course this insurance cost has to be covered on an event by event basis.

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The number of places available on our paranormal events is intentionally kept low as we feel that large groups investigating paranormal activity can have an adverse effect on the results of the investigation. Our members say they gain more personal experience from the event when the group size is smaller. Membership will enable you to be notified of new events as and when they are booked, book and pay for the event online and secure your much sort after place on our events.

We also plan in the future a number of social events and of course being a members you will be invited to join us and share your experiences and get to know other society members.

So why not register now, complete our quick registration process. Its free to join and you are under know obligations whilst a member apart from enjoying your ghost hunting experience. You may leave our society at any time. Your ghost hunting and paranormal experience is just a click away.