Southern Ghost Society Terms and conditions

By joining the Southern Ghost Society, purchasing a ticket for an event or attending an event, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as detailed below.

Abbreviations and terminology

  1. "Southern Ghost Society", "SGS" or "Us" means The Southern Ghost Society.
  2. "Event" or "Investigation" means a ticketed leisure activity organised by SGS and open to the general public, conducted for the purpose of entertainment.
  3. "Society Member", "Member" or "You" means an individual who is either registered on the SGS website, or who attends an SGS Event.
  4. "Team Leader" means an individual assigned by SGS to help facilitate the Event.
  5. "Ticket" means an offer of attendance on an SGS Event to a Member
  6. "Ticket Price" means any money paid by the Member to SGS for the purpose of obtaining one or many Tickets
  7. "Venue" or "Location" means the building or area which is designated to conduct the Event within.

Terms and conditions

  1. SGS is a non profit making organisation and reserves the right to pass on to it's Members the full costs of arranging and staging Events in the form of Tickets to the Events. The price of these Tickets is published on the SGS website.
  2. Anyone attending a SGS Investigation must be aged over 16 years at the time of the event. SGS reserve the right to refuse admission to the Event, with no refund of the Ticket Price, any Member who cannot provide proof that they are over 16 years old.
  3. SGS enforces a strict policy on alcohol. If a Member is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time immediately before or during an Event will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund of the Ticket Price. If the Investigation Venue has a bar where alcoholic drinks are available and permitted by SGS to be purchased before or during the Event, you are requested to drink in moderation and not to exceed the legal limit for driving. SGS will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries arising as a result of Members being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. SGS does not accept liability for damage or loss of personal items. By taking part You agree to indemnify Us and the Location against any loss, damage or theft to your personal possessions whilst taking part in any event.
  5. SGS owns an extensive range of specialist investigation equipment for use by Members during Events. As this equipment can be very expensive, SGS asks that You treat it with care and that You do not abuse it. SGS renders You liable for any loss or damage incurred and will seek to recover any losses directly from You.
  6. Being a Member of SGS You agree to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times. SGS expects Members to be courteous, mindful of others at the Location and to respect people's property. If any instructions given by either SGS or representatives of the Location are unclear, please ensure that You ask for clarity from a SGS Team Leader.
  7. Paranormal events can be frightening on occasions and can be quite tense. SGS suggest that if anyone is of a nervous disposition, or may be pregnant or have any underlying medical conditions, take this into consideration before attending an Event. SGS will not be held responsible for any distress, harm or injury caused as a result of any unexplained activity or fright. You attend at your own risk.
  8. SGS will make reasonsable endeavours to ensure that Events are arranged and managed with high regard to the safety and security of our Members. SGS will not be held responsible for any harm or injury whilst attending an Event.
  9. If You have any special needs or medical conditions you consider that could impact You at an Event, please discuss them with SGS prior to buying any ticket(s) to ensure that your needs can be accommodated. We will make reasonable endeavours to facilitate these needs, depending on the Location.
  10. Ticket Prices do not include travel or accommodation. Food and/or drink may be included in the Ticket Price. Please check individual Event information for details. If nothing is mentioned in the description of the Event, or any communications from SGS, assume that no refreshments will be provided.
  11. Any Ticket paid for in-full is non-transferable to another party. SGS maintains the sole right to sell Tickets to it's Events and resale of Tickets is strictly prohibited and will invalidate the Ticket.
  12. Any Ticket paid for in-full is non-refundable unless the Event is cancelled or rearranged by SGS. At SGS discretion, the Ticket may be transferred as full or part-payment for an alternative Event.
  13. If an Event is cancelled / called off once the Event has commenced then the Event shall be considered as being held. SGS maintains it's right to consider if any part / proportional refund of the Ticket Price is due.
  14. Where a deposit has been paid, the remaining balance must be paid in full 28 days before the Event date. If the full payment is not received by that date, your Ticket will be cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded and the Ticket will be made available for resale by SGS.
  15. Smoking indoors at any Location is strictly forbidden. Where possible designated outdoor smoking areas at the Venue will be identified by the SGS Team Leaders on the night of the Event. Any Member breaching this rule will be asked to leave the Location without a refund of the Ticket Price.
  16. Member's personal details obtained during the registration process will be kept private and for the sole use of the SGS to manage and operate the SGS website and events. Personal information will not be given to third parties including other Members.
  17. SGS enables Members to cancel membership of SGS without reason or notice. A Member can cancel membership from SGS by accessing the remove me page within the members section of the website.
  18. SGS can not be held responsible if a paranormal experience does not occur on any planned Event. SGS will not refund Ticket Prices or expenses incurred by the Member if the paranormal is not experienced on the event. Unfortunately experiencing the paranormal cannot be guaranteed. If any Member is discovered to have faked a paranormal experiment or paranormal experience, either as a joke or intentionally, SGS will immediately terminate your membership to SGS.